The Cost Advantage of using Fresh Sliced Mushrooms

Most pizza restaurant operators are under the misconception that fresh sliced mushrooms are more expensive than canned and blanched varieties though, quite the opposite is true. An example that can be used at the restaurant level is: spread 3 oz. of canned or blanched mushrooms on a pizza and then side by side, take aPizza Slicessecond pizza using 2 oz. of fresh sliced mushrooms. You will see the fresh sliced offers similar (based on thickness*) if not better coverage on the pizza. This gain in coverage allows FRESH SLICED A SUBSTANTIAL COST ADVANTAGE. A typical rule of thumb is that 17 to 19 pounds of fresh sliced mushrooms will provide better coverage than 25.5 pounds of canned (6 #10 cans @ 68 ounces each).

*Yields and coverage will be affected by thickness of slice. Also, the slice selected should be the result of researching oven temperature, baking time and whether the mushrooms are placed above or below the cheeese when selectiong thickness options.